Delivering Resilience and Uptime at the Edge

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Edge computing has quickly emerged as one of the top data center trends, and we only see this pattern accelerating as the need for high-speed connectivity increases over the next 10 years. Edge, mobile edge and fog computing are being utilized to speed content delivery, improve services and localize analytics. However, these distributed and remote locations, often with no local IT support, produce additional challenges for the data center and IT teams as they seek to ensure a seamless, always-on application service, whatever the infrastructure and wherever the data resides.

Prof. Ian Bitterlin
Principal Consultant
Critical Facilities Consulting Ltd
Marc Cram
Director OEM and Global Accounts
Server Technology
Wolfgang Goretzki
Senior Solutions Manager
Server Technology

Moderated by Prof Ian Bitterlin, Principal Consultant of Critical Facilities Consulting Ltd and Phil Alsop, Editor of Data Centre Solutions magazine, Server Technology’s Marc Cram and Wolfgang Goretzki will discuss the key challenges faced by data center managers when migrating to the edge and explain how to:

-Maximize uptime and resilience
-Manage power remotely
-Reduce operating costs
-Plan growth and capacity
-Remotely monitor power and environmental information

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