The Future of Rack PDUs is here- HDOT
Server Tech's High Density Outlet Technology is the most popular and innovative rack power distribution unit on the market. Our unique power distribution system is available in Switched, Smart, POPS and with Alternating Phase Outlets.

HDOT is the one rack mount PDU that can handle many of today’s top data center challenges, including power density, capacity planning, and remote power management issues. HDOT is the remote power distribution unit that you can configure to order with only 4 easy steps and get it when you need it- ships within 10 days 90% of the time.

Build density into your data center with award-winning HDOT and Alternating Phase Intelligent PDU technology:

  • Highest Density Outlet Technology
  • The right outlets in the right place
  • Most outlets per form factor
  • Easy load balancing
  • Alternating Phase Outlet Technology
  • Top rated power distribution unit manufacturer
  • 90% of units ship within 10 days

Short on real estate, high on rack components?

Choose High Density Outlet Technology

High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT PDU) has the most outlets in a 42U rack mount power distribution unit using industry standard C13 and C19 outlets. It features high native cord retention and color-coded alternating-phase outlets for easy cabling. Learn how our HDOT PDUs with Alternating Phase Technology improved a Networking Company's power density. 

Looking for the perfect load-balancing solution?

Choose Alternating Phase

Alternating phase outlets alternate the phased power on a per-outlet basis instead of a per-branch basis. This allows for shorter cords, quicker installation and easier load balancing for 3-phase rack mount power distribution units. Shorter cords mean less mess, making them less likely to come unplugged during transport of the assembled rack. Read the Alt Phase Executive Summary.

Need power distribution units tailored for data center?

Try Build Your Own PDU

Both HDOT and Alternating Phase are available through Server Technology's "Build Your Own PDU" configurator. Build Your Own PDU takes a Switched, Smart or Metered 42-outlet High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) PDU and allows you to build a rack mount HDOT PDU your way in Four Simple Steps. Choose a configuration, download a spec sheet, and then request a quote.

Build your own HDOT PDU.png

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