What are the benefits of deploying 415 VAC power distribution in your data center?

With growing demands for higher power densities, traditional 208 VAC 3-phase distribution systems are being replaced with 415 VAC 3-phase systems which are commonly deployed outside North America. The capability to deliver 120 VAC has been the historic advantage of a 208 VAC system however most modern IT devices have universal power supplies capable of operating at higher voltages.

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A 415 VAC 3-phase system supplies 240 VAC in a line-to-neutral configuration which is a significant difference from the 208 VAC system where the line-to-neutral voltage is 120 VAC after the PDU transformer. In implementing 415V power, as opposed to a comparable 208 VAC system, efficiency gains are typically 2% from eliminating the PDU transformer and an additional 2% to 3% from running compatible IT devices at a higher voltage.


Power and cost savings can be achieved in a 415 VAC system with use of fewer poles at the breaker panel, smaller gauge power cords, less expensive plugs and reductions in cooling costs by having fewer power cable drops which can impede cabinet airflow. The reduced current requirements in a 415 VAC system can cut costs by mitigating line power losses that data centers experience every time electricity passes through a power converter or transformer.

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Learn about the benefits for a 415 VAC deployment and see what our Power Strategy Experts recommend in this application note.

Server Cabinet Power Distribution

The goal of our product line and the design of our manufacturing process is to allow our customers the ability to find exactly the right set of power distribution features for their application: from horizontal to vertical, 120V to 415V, low density to high, and from managed/intelligent to not.

Intelligent Power Distribution

Intelligent PDUs combine power distribution, power control, and data collection within a single unit. They supply more power to more devices while providing key information through PDU networking.

Flexible Power Distribution

Server Technology's HDOT Cx PDU, featuring the revolutionary Cx outlet, accommodates both C14 and C20 plugs, reducing the complexity of the PDU selection process and limits the need to purchase a new set of PDUs when equipment changes, resulting in lowering end costs.

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